The big wake-up call

Hmmm… so in a couple of months I was told by Ronnie – I should be meeting the man of my dreams, and in a year after that either A) be having a baby with him and getting married or B) getting married and, setting up the white picket fence and then baby? Obviously a lot to take in when you are so single! This was all due to me turning 30 and in Saturn’s return.

Molly Hall an astrology expert explains that Saturn, the massive planet in space takes about 29.5 years to circle the Sun and, when that big boy returns to meet your natal Saturn the effects are felt in your early thirties, and it feels like one massive wake-up call. Like a series of several big changes all taking place either one after the other or all at once. It is said to set you up for the next 12 years of your life, lots of “dead weight” is dropped in order to create space for new and exciting things to take place. It’s where a lot of stock taking and revelation’s of one’s true destiny is revealed.

For me, It all started with my Sister (the homeopath) who has always been intuitive and connected to the Universe, and I would say she is the catalyst to me seeking spiritual enlightenment. To put it in perspective I’ve gone to see a spiritual healer, learnt Transnumerology, bought my first crystal and gone for a Tarot reading all in the past 4 months! So yes, I’ve felt like I’ve been sleeping and I’ve shot out of my bed – hit the ceiling, talk about awake up call – and it’s due to a lot of things but what’s driving it is because i’m in Saturn’s return.

What to do when you’re in your Saturn return, learn to go with the flow and embrace change. Saturn’s return is meant to be the catalyst of change all in the hopes of leading you to building a true foundation and great healing for yourself, to become a better you – a step closer to becoming a master. If you have resisted change in your first Saturn return, you could always have a crack at it the second time around but it’s not ideal as it will literally feel like you have it rock bottom, and your whole world is crumbling around you… no, not ideal.

Try to get to know what Saturn’s symbol is in your birth chart is and then notice the house position and the other sign’s in relation to it. You will be able to identify the areas in your life which will be mostly affected, and you will be able to understand the lessons and internal battles you will have to face.

To calculate your next Saturn return

Photo credit: Gala Darling

Read more about Saturn’s return with Molly Hall at


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