Crash Coursing x 5000



I’ve never been willing and able to understand my sister and what she was all about, she has always been the black sheep of the family. She’s always been into crystals, going for reflexology and her interest in homeopathy. Turns out she has been integrated for the longest time and it was she who didn’t understand the rest of us and couldn’t understand why the rest of us weren’t getting it. Now that I’m in my 30’s it kinda dawned on me that she was and is going to be the catalyst to my spiritual journey and she was to take no prisoners even if she was to drag me kicking and screaming.


Thus began my crash course into spirituality, never owned any crystals had never been to a spiritual healer or to have my tarot read. I had been for reflexology and acupuncture but I wasn’t attuned to it, I was also going to yoga a couple times a month but never really understood the benefits of meditation – so at that point did it for exercise and improve my flexibility

In April 2016 was really when I got a taste for it, my first session with Virgina was amazing she sparked a flame and an interest like no other subject had, and I was pretty hooked. Virgina explored and told me all about my past lives; spirit guides; and natural abilities. It’s now end of August, 4 months later and I have been unlocking the potential of my physic abilities, I’ve learnt transpersonal numerology from Richard. Almost done with my athena and reiki session, I’ve done family constellations and had my first tarot reading, which I’m planning to learn both disciplines shortly. I’ve also been invited to take part in group sessions as a participant to act out family constellations in reenactments – what an honor and a blessing. Oh I’ve also bought my first bunch of crystals; smudge sticks and incense as well as pyramids for my apartment.

There really is no stopping me now, and I’m so excited for what the future holds 🙂


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