I was told that I had a talent for Tarot, even though I had only picked up a deck once before when I was around the age of sixteen. I messed about with it, I liked the symbols and the pictures but I never really did any spreads or readings.

Recently I’ve had the privilege of being taught by one of my mentors Ronnie Biccard, her first love is art and a very close 2nd is Tarot. Ronnie has been doing readings for more than 30 years and she has such a passion for it.


Ronnie explains that tarot started as a card game many moons ago, and as the years progressed, people started using Tarot as a healing modality. There are two cards in the deck that provide insights that someone could possibly posses physic abilities, these are the High Priestess and The Moon, but anyone can interpret the cards. If you are a great story teller and you do readings with pure intentions, then Tarot is for you.

Tarot is all about a journey, the Tarot begins with the fool embarking on his journey, we all begin as the fool and we’re all on a journey, where it will take us – who knows, it’s all about choices. The best part about Tarot is that we all have a little bit of our selves in each card, that’s why when we go for a reading, we can all relate.

I’ve now added Tarot to my toolbox of healing modalities, and I’m so in love with the rich detail it provides. If you’ve never been for a reading before – I highly suggest you do!

Images courtesy of: http://www.witchestarot.com/ Illustrated by Mark Evens




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